I still remember when I studied Marketing and was told the first definition of marketing I ever heard in my life. After 25 years as a marketing professional and pioneer in digital marketing, things have changed a lot until what we know today as digital marketing.

Stay with me and you will discover the best definition of digital marketing that you can find on the internet.

What is Digital Marketing Tools, strategies and evolution

Before we start, I think it is important to clarify that marketing, merchandising, and marketing mean the same thing since they are synonymous and their use varies from country to country.

Therefore when we talk about digital marketing we can also find definitions such as internet marketing, online marketing, online marketing or Even e-marketing.

What is marketing, a personal definition

Marketing is about seeking to promote and serve markets

This philosophy is what defined marketing in the 80s, which is when I studied it, and yet today it seems to me to be perfectly valid as well as the philosophy of the product manager.

I would only change market research for big data and product marketing for Design Thinking, Prototyping, UX and Lean Startup so that marketing and product travel at the speed of the consumer. If we also change conventional advertising for digital advertising on the Internet, Boo!

You see, we have not yet seen the definition of digital marketing but I think that to understand well its evolution you have to make a little journey through the history of marketing . Let’s take another step towards digital marketing by going through customer-focused marketing, Direct and Interactive Marketing

What is Direct and Interactive Marketing

“The most knowledgeable say that direct marketing is that form of marketing whose objective is to seek answers and establish lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with the customer”

Direct marketing is a strategic vision of customer-centred marketing that uses all available media and advertising to identify prospects and encourage response and customer relationships.

And in this way we are already approaching what today we define as digital marketing. In fact, direct marketing found a great ally on the Internet, reaching its peak with new technologies, the ability to measure and the possibility of creating personalized services tailored to the client but at low cost. Undoubtedly, digital marketing emerges from direct marketing and develops a new specialty, the “Digital Marketing”

Definition of Digital Marketing What is Digital Marketing?

To get here we have seen what is marketing and what is direct and interactive marketing and now if I ask you what is digital marketing or Social Media Marketing, I am sure you already know the answer.

Marketing or digital marketing is a form of marketing that only uses new media and technological and digital advertising channels such as the Internet, mobile or IoT and thanks to the power of technology allows you to create personalized products and services and measure everything that happens to improve the experience.

So digital marketing, for me, is a radical evolution of marketing thanks to technology that leads us to formulate strategies one by one with personalized products and differentiated messages thanks to the power of massive data and the ability to measure and with an exponential power with respect to traditional media that has unleashed a revolution in the marketing and advertising industry.

For example, thanks to big data in digital marketing, there are applications such as Netflix or Amazon that always know what to recommend. Or thanks to email marketing and the traceability of the “Customer Journey” we can follow up on potential customers to re-market them.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

Due to the characteristics that the internet brings to digital marketing we can clearly attribute the following advantages:

Digital Marketing is Global
Once your product is positioned on the Internet, anyone anywhere in the world can access it.

Digital Marketing is Interactive
The Internet is a two-way communication channel so digital marketing is too. In this way, communication between companies and consumers has been maximized, especially since the irruption of social networks with social media marketing.

Digital Marketing is perfectly measurable
The data is no longer based on market research, which is slow and expensive, but is collected immediately by monitoring the actions taken by the user directly on the Internet. It allows to obtain personal, preferences and usability data that, properly analyzed and managed, allow the creation of increasingly efficient actions.

Digital Marketing is Hyper-Segmentable
Thanks to this measurement and the large amount of information collected on Internet users, it is possible to diversify marketing actions much more, aiming at increasingly more profiled and defined objectives. Today we segment campaigns by incorporating new geographical, time and access device variables.


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